Federatie van Rasverenigingen van Dogachtige Honden

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Mr. Bas Bosch (B)

My first serious experience with pedigree dogs started when I was sixteen years old. I became a kennelhelper in one of the most established and well known Mastiff kennels in the Netherlands (Sanguis Nobilis) owned by Bert van de Vorst. He was an excellent teacher. Both him and his good friend Louis van de Meeren, an internationally respected Bloodhound breeder, were very influential in developing my eye for a dog and teaching me about dog husbandry. They also influenced my decision to start breeding Bloodhounds, later followed by Mastiffs. Under the “Bardolynn” prefix I bred also other breeds like Basset Hounds, Bullmastiffs, Dandie Dinmont Terriers, French Bulldogs and Pugs. In all these breeds, except one, I owned and bred champions.

In Bloodhounds, Mastiffs and Pugs I also bred and owned Clubwinners. In the eighties I owned the Bulldog male Dutch Champion Beefeater Bulls Ever More Irish, who ended up as reserve Best Dog of the Year in the Netherlands. Over the years I’ve been active in various Dutch breed clubs as a committee member/president. The later function I had in the club for Bloodhounds, Bulldogs, Deerhounds, Dogues de Bordeaux, Mastiffs and Pugs.
Professionally dogs have played an important part in my life too, but then as an author/editor/publisher. For more than 10 years I was editor-in-chief of the then leading Dutch monthly ‘De Hondenwereld’. My publishing house BBPress is internationally renowned for its high quality dog books. Among them there are the very special Centenary publications – five so far – have been written/edited by myself, including one on the Dutch breeds (in Dutch and English), celebrating the Centenary of the Dutch Kennel Club. And I also wrote the Centenary publication of the Dutch Bulldog Club.   

 The Mastiff was the first breed I qualified for as a judge, in 1983, at the age of 23.
25 Years later I received the Golden Honorary Pin of the Dutch Kennel Club. In the meantime I
judged various breeds in seven FCI-groups, but I am perhaps best known as a judge of Molossers, in all varieties, and other ‘Flat Faces’. From the early beginning of my judging career until this very moment I feel privileged to judge at those events in literally all parts of the world where normally only breeder-judges officiate, the championship breed club show of the respective national breed clubs, often more than once. As well as the breed club shows, I have judged at most of the important day title all breed championship shows in Europe, including some European and World Shows. Other shows to mention are:  four times at Crufts, the Centenary Breed Club Show of the French Bulldog in the Netherlands, of the Bulldog in South Africa and in Norway.

The last 15 years I often combines judging appointments with giving seminars and forums, especially on the Molosser-breeds and all their variaties.

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