Federatie van Rasverenigingen van Dogachtige Honden

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Mrs. Ilona Onstenk-Schenk (NL)

My parents already had a well-known Boxer kennel before I was born, so I grew up among the Boxers. As a little girl I went with my parents to all the important shows in The Netherlands and abroad. Later I had two Boxers and a Doberman myself, with whom I exhibited with great success.

I did my first judge exam for the Boxers, now almost 52 years ago. Later many more varieties were added and now I am group judge for group 1 and  group 2. I also approve some varieties in group 3, group 5 and group 9: in total about 100 varieties. I have judged in all parts of the world and also at European Shows and at World Shows. In addition, I give training to candidates who want to take a judge exam for a certain breed and I am also authorized to examine and act as a delegate. For 25 years I was a committee  member of the VKK - Association of Kynological Judges in the Netherlands - and since 2011 I am an honorary member.

In the past there was the group "Molossers" at every exhibition, which later passed into group 2 and the 3 smallest breeds to group 9. This group means a lot to me. There are really tough breeds, which stand their ground, but are also loving towards their housemates. For many breeders and owners, "their" breed is the most important thing and always will be! That benefits the breed!

I am sure that many beautiful dogs will be shown on this day. How much I will enjoy it !
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