Federatie van Rasverenigingen van Dogachtige Honden

Koptekst 2 (NL)
Koptekst 1 (NL)
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Mr. John Williams (NL)

Raised in a family with a Boxer, then surrounded by English Bulldogs and Pugs for many decades. We bred under the prefix "Blighty".

Since 1988 I am a judge mainly for the English Bulldog and French Bulldog. After a few years of judging these two varieties, I continued in group 2 and then the small molossers in group 9.

The Mollossers attract me enormously and I can also really enjoy a typical breed specimen that also moves well. The Molossershow is therefore very special to me.

I have been group judge for FCI group 2 for several years now.

I am also authorized to inspect the Bullbreeds in the Terrier group.

For years I have worked on the committee of both the Dutch Bulldogs Club (Breed Club for the French Bulldog) and the English Bulldog Club Netherlands.

Currently there is a Bullmastiff at home.

I have been able to carry out my inspections in many countries and continents, including some "specialties" for the various Mollossers.
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