Federatie van Rasverenigingen van Dogachtige Honden

Koptekst 2 (NL)
Koptekst 1 (NL)
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Mr. Drs. Jos van Dijk (NL)

When we had to stop participating in the showjumping sport at Grand Prix level and had started the path of horse breeding, the interest in Cynology also increased.

We decided to have one of the two bitches mated. It turned out to be a good mating, because from this the first (multi) champion was born. As a result, the interest in Cynology became bigger and by chance I ended up in an AKK course.

As a result, the interest grew even more, which resulted in participation in further training courses to become a judge. In 2013 I was appointed judge for the FCI breed group 2.

In addition, I am authorized for the inspection of the Dalmatian Dog.
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