Federatie van Rasverenigingen van Dogachtige Honden

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Mrs. Marij Mestrom (NL)

I grew up on a farm among the animals, including dogs. Here the foundation was laid and after with my partner who brought a German Shepherd when we moved in together, fell for the English Bulldog.
When looking for a puppy of the breed we ended up 40 years ago with a well-known English Bulldog breeder who kindled the fire to show and if you achieve good results you go further and a few years later we also decided to breed with the breed. At a famous kennel in England we got 2 who formed the basis of our kennel “Romakome”. We have shown all over Europe with very nice results and several times Best In Show. Our puppies have also wandered all over the world.

After the successes with the English Buldogs, the Shar-Pei came to strengthen our pack, here too we achieved very nice show results, but we never bred with them.
By regularly showing in Italy we got to know the necessary people. During one of the visits we saw the Lagotto Romagnolo and fell for the breed and followed it for a number of years until they were provisionally recognized by the FCI and then brought it to the Netherlands where we found out that we were the first with the breed in our country. At the moment there is still a Lagotto of 16 years old walking around with us.

In the meantime, the interest in Cynology had increased and so also started the AKK course and later KK1 and KK2. Not with the intention of becoming a judge, but to gather information. Once I was ready, I continued with E&B and succeeded. Then only the last step and in 2004 was the judge exam for the English Bulldog that I passed and a few more breeds followed. Coincidentally, both examiners of that exam are also approving today.

I have had the privilege of judging in many countries. Furthermore, in all those years I have held a number of committee positions at both breed clubs and local Dogclubs and in the latter capacity I have also been involved in organizing Dogshows for about 25 years.

Our son Bob has already won this Child-Dog Show during the Molossershow years ago as a Beefeater with his white English Bulldog, which makes it doubly special for me to be able to judge the Child-Dog Show
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