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Mr. Dr. Pedro Bispo (PT)

My name is Pedro Ivo Bispo. I have a University Degree in Economics & Management; MBA Management. I was born in Lisbon, Portugal.

My first dog was a Boxer, it was my special dream shared with my father.
I received from my parents a puppy boxer when I was young kid and after that my life changed forever, dogs are my passion since ever.
I breed Boxers since 1989, with the affix “von Bispus”.
I also breed Boston Terriers
Many of the dogs I bred became Notional Champion and International Champion
Since 1996 I am an International Judge. I am a judge for FCI, AKC and KC. Recognized CACIB-judge for FCI-groups 2, 4 and 9, Portugal Breeds, Bull-type Terriers and Recognized Judge for Finals.

My activities in dogs are many.
- Ring steward for many years, Portuguese Kennel Club
- Member of breed Commissions Portuguese Kennel Club
- Vice-President of the Portuguese Boxer Club 1992-2001
- ATIBOX International Delegate 1992-2001 // 2007-2011
- ATIBOX Executive Manager Atibox 2000 ( Portugal )
- Committee Member of English Bulldog Club Portugal 2003-2006
- President Portuguese Boxer Club, 2005 – 2011
- President Portuguese Dogue Bordeaux Club 2017-2019
- G.A. President French Boulledogue Club PT 2016-2018
- ATIBOX, Current President

I also had some special Judge activities.
- Judge of FCI WDS 2001, 2022
- Judge of the World Boxer Show-ATIBOX SLO 2003 (B.I.S.),
- ATIBOX Poland 2014 and ATIBOX Hungary 2021
- Judge of WORLD ATIBORDEAUX Dogue de Bordeaux 2017 (France)
- Judge of WORLD SACC Cane Corso Show 2018 (Italy)
- Judge for FCI – WDS 2022 (2021) (Spain) – Boxer  
- Judge for FCI – WDS 2022 (Brasil) – Cane Corso
- More than 500 dog shows already judged, almost of them Special Breed Club Shows and CAC-CACIB by F.C.I.

I judged in many different countries on 3 different continents last years:
Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, San Marino, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Siberia, Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latonia, Estonia, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rep. Chech, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, Indonesia, Australia,
New-Zealand, etc...
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